Today, Singaporeans have many choices when it comes to buying hearing aids in Singapore. Various manufacturers of hearing aids that ensure people all across the nation can avail of their products. Aside from consulting an expert to know which one suit you best, you must get to know as much information about hearing aid types before you buy one.

With that in mind, what are the choices that you have when buying a hearing aid? Well then, why don’t you get to know more about it?

Hearing Aids Singapore Types

There are many hearing aid brands that you can choose when you need to have one. Some of it is affordable, while some may come at a hefty price. Now, look at the following types of hearing aids.

  • ITC or in-the-canal type is one that’s contained within a tiny casing that fits completely or partly in the ear canal. This type of hearing aid is also the smallest ones available. This also offers listening and cosmetic advantages for its users.
  • BTE or the behind-the-ear type is enclosed in a tiny plastic casing that rests at the back of the ear. The casing is connected to an ear-mold through a piece of clear tube. This affordable hearing aids type is commonly chosen and worn by young kids for growth and safety reasons.
  • ITE or the in-the-ear type is contained within a shell that fills the outer part of the ear of the user. This is also bigger than a canal aid. Other people choose to have this one since it’s much easier to handle compared to smaller hearing aids.
  • Extended Wear Hearing Aids are hearing aid types that are non-surgically placed within the ear canal through the help of an audiologist. It’s normally worn for several months without having to remove it. It’s also made out of soft materials that are designed to fit the curves of a person’s ears.
  • Receiver-in-canal aids are quite similar with the BTE type. The unique difference between the two is that this one has the speaker placed inside the person’s ear canal and the thin electrical wires takes place of the acoustic tube built with the BTE type.

There you have it, the known types of hearing aid brand that you can have to help resolve any hearing problems you may be facing. There are many affordable hearing aids brands that you can choose to buy, but always ensure that you consult an expert before buying one.

Seek to have the best hearing aid brands so that you listen to that sweet music all over again. Hearing aids will definitely help aid your hearing deficiency. Now, don’t settle for anything less.

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