Hearing aids in Singapore comes in many forms, like analogue, wireless and digital. Although it comes in many forms, the effects of it are the same. Hearing aids are meant to enhance the quality of sound that a hearing-impaired experiences.

Even though there are many hearing aid types that one can use to take advantage of all the benefits that it possesses, it still has pros and cons that one has to understand. In addition, one has to understand that hearing aids aren’t meant to cure a person’s hearing disability, but is meant to help improve the quality of sound. Since there are many types of hearing aids, let’s narrow down the discussion by talking about the most common hearing aid type, the BTE or Behind-the-Ear.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Today, the latest hearing aids include the digital and wireless types. However, many people still use the BTE type. Since this hearing aid rests behind a person’s ears, just as glasses do, it’s now limited to any space within a person’s ears. This type of hearing does have a bigger and more powerful amplifier and battery.

The sound a person hears travels from the outside shell that travels through the tube that’s inserted inside the ear canal. Before you get to know about the pros and cons about this type. You must understand that it has two main types, which are the open fit and receiver-in-the-ear type. On the other hand, the receiver-in-the-ear is one of the latest hearing aids types.

These hearing aids in Singapore type functions the same as the open fit type. However, this one differs mainly since its receiver is placed inside a tiny dome inside the ear canal. Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of a behind-the-ear type.

BTE Hearing Aid Pros

  • Would work well for many types of hearing impairment and can also be taken advantage of those who has a mild to a profound hearing deficiency as well as children
  • This type of hearing aid comes in various colors that users would certainly prefer
  • Since these hearing aid types has a larger battery it can produce greater sound amplification

BTE Hearing Aid Cons

  • Since this type comes in cheaper hearing aids Singapore prices, this type isn’t so discreet
  • Some people aren’t so fond of its bigger size
  • This type of hearing aid rests behind a person’s ears, making it more likely to have bigger issues with wind noise

There you go, the known facts including the pros and cons about the BTE hearing aid. Keep in mind that hearing aids in Singapore have varying prices (based on brand, hearing centre etc). Ensure that consult an expert so that you can get one that best fits your needs to improve the quality of sound you hear.

The Pros and Cons of BTE Hearing Aids