Hearing Aids Singapore has some good news for all those who are totally or partially unable to hear!

Have you been to an audiologist? Has he identified any hearing problem or a balance disorder afflicting you?

At hearing aid Singapore, we have the answer to your audiology problems. All of us are well aware of the fact that the modern era is a period of technological advancements in almost all the spheres of life unlike the old times.  In the olden times, when deafness was such a significant handicap that it virtually detached the deaf individuals from other people, the whole scenario has changed now! Most hearing issues are treatable, thanks to the modern programmable and digital hearing aids and hearing-support techniques and methodologies. Currently in the field of audiology, more emphasis is given to the following aspects:

  • Prevention
  • Prompt identification of the nature of hearing maladies
  • Filtration

As a result, treatment services could readily be provided to permit the individuals to connect and communicate effectively, and also to hamper any further deterioration.

Hearing is such a fantastic and an essential feature, for which there is no good substitute and a person affected by hearing loss really suffers in silence—–a great tragedy indeed! The silent endurer is neither able to hear sounds like yelling, shrieking, giggling of kids, chirping of birds nor the notes of his or her dearest melodies. Hearing impairment of any type or of any degree is accompanied by various difficulties and nuisances, because it impedes anything that necessitates any sort of interaction what so ever. Therefore, instead of ignoring an individual’s hearing needs, his or her requirements must be tackled efficiently. An audiologist is the best person to choose the best remedies, according to the types of hearing loss endured by the patient.

Different Types of Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss

This is not only the most common one but also the leading reason for usage of any hearing aid. In it, the problem lies in the inner ears for which there are a couple of causative factors like:

  • Changes associated with old age
  • Exposure to ear-splitting surroundings
  • Circulatory problems in the blood vessels of the inner ear(which is chiefly accountable for recognition of sound)
  • Maladjustment of fluid in the inner ear
  • Ototoxic medicines(drugs that cause hearing loss and other auditory problems e.g.Furosemide(.a diuretic or water pill)digitalis(a cardiovascular agent)Ibuprofen(an anti-inflammatory agent)gentamicin(an anti-infective agent)
  • Heredity factors
  • Problems with the Cochlear nerve(hearing nerve)

Conductive Hearing Loss

This type of hearing loss takes place when sound is not conducted appropriately through the ear canal/ear drum/tiny bones of the middle ear; as a result, the loudness of sound reaching the inner ear is reduced. The causative factors could be as follows:

  • Ear wax blocking the ear canal
  • Fluid in the middle ear
  • Infection in the middle ear
  • Impediments in the ear canal
  • Hole in the ear drum
  • Distortions

Mixed hearing loss:

This type of hearing loss comprises mixed as well as conductive hearing loss.

Central Hearing Loss

In this type of hearing loss, although the patient may hear yet he or she may experience toughness in perceiving the sound.

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