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These Sonic hearing aids have allowed me to keep and maintain my healthy, active lifestyle... I am very happy.

Mr Cheng S W Retired Remisier

I am very satisfied now! My old hearing aid was very uncomfortable to wear and it was very noisy. This hearing aid provides me with very good sound quality. I can now participate more effectively during meetings.

Mr Hoo Former Secondary School Principal

My father had an undetected viral infection, and he ended up losing one side of his hearing permanently. But with the help of this Sonic hearing aid, he is now back to his normal self and he is so glad to be able to hear so clearly again.

Family of Mr Yeo Ah Meng Satisfied Customer

Knowing Rodney for more than 25 years, I have no doubt about the caring way he service his clients. Now that I needed a hearing test, he served me with his professional knowledge without asking me to purchase anything. Surely will recommend my friends (most of them getting old) to you, Rodney!

TC Goh NTU, Singapore
Hearing Aid Singapore, Amazing Hearing

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People with hearing problems these days use the best hearing aids possible to have a normal life. With medical and technical advancements, hearing aids are now definitely better and more convenient to use. The innovative models hearing aids nowadays are often so small, unnoticeable and with impeccable sound quality.

With the ageing population, more people are suffering from various hearing problems. The following hearing aids have been designed to address most of these hearing disabilities.

Conventional Hearing Aids are the hearing aids that are behind-the-ear models. It is inconvenient because the volume needs manual adjustment.

Digital Hearing Aids is not just considered as most fitting, it can also help patients address certain concerns. Usually, a health care professional helps with the choice on the most helpful hearing aid and adjust them to the client’s need. It is most comfortable to use a hearing aid that automatically adjusts the sound depending on the user’s needs. This type of hearing aids is definitely preferable as the microphone and amplifier mechanically adjusts the digital sound.

Programmable Hearing Aids have more advanced features than conventional hearing aid in a technical sense.

Disposable Hearing Aids are less expensive compared to the innovatively advanced hearing aids with a sound quality that is at par with the conventional hearing aids.

When shopping for the best hearing aids, it is important to consult your ear doctor who can give assistance and advice as you explore the best hearing aid options. These hearing aids should meet your need, lifestyle as well as budget.

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Hearing Aid Singapore, Amazing Hearing